Concord Middle School Staff Directory

Mary Almeida

7th Grade Salmon, 8th Grade Navy, English, Intensive English, Special Education

Justin Amidon

8th Grade, Special Education

Donna Amidon

7th Grade, 8th Grade, Special Education

Anna Anderson

All Grades, Music, Orchestra

Mary Anderson

6th Grade Forest, Mathematics

Jordan Armstrong

6th Grade, Special Education

Paul Baglio

Building Services

Karin Baker

7th Grade Maroon, Mathematics

Peter Baldrachi

8th Grade Navy, 8th Grade Royal, Special Education

Rachel Balian

6th Grade, Arts, Department Chair

Emma Barry

7th Grade Salmon, English

Ariane Belkadi

7th Grade Cardinal, 7th Grade Maroon, French, World Language

Carey Bellino

All Grades, Special Education, Speech/Lanugage

Rakesh Bhol

8th Grade, Special Education

Alyssa Bigay

7th Grade Maroon, English

Team Leader

Diane Blair

Administration, Peabody Admin Assistant

Mike Bordonaro

Building Services

Deb Bordonaro

Administration, Peabody Admin Assistant

James Bozak

Building Services, Supervisor

Olive Bradford

Administration, Peabody Assistant Principal

Laura Brande

Administration, Special Education

Whitney Brooks

7th Grade, Arts

Molly Burkhard

6th Grade Forest, Guidance, Special Education

Team Leader

Matthew Cadigan

7th and 8th Grade, School Psychologist, Special Education

Kristen Callahan

8th Grade Sky, Mathematics

Team Leader

Justin Cameron

Administration, Principal

Michelle Cavalieri

All Grades, Band, Music

Shawn Cecere

Senior Support Analyst, Technology

Jennifer Cheng

6th Grade Forest, 7th Grade Salmon, 8th Grade Sky, Mandarin, World Language

Marianna Chiodo

7th and 8th Grade, Physical Education

Greg Connor

All Grades, Intensive Math, Mathematics, Special Education

Jen Coty

8th Grade Royal, Department Chair, English

Laura Cronin

6th Grade Kelly, Special Education

Paul Crowley

7th Grade Salmon, Department Chair, Mathematics

Kim Cyr

Guidance, Special Education

Tom Dalicandro

6th Grade, Department Chair, Health, Physical Education

Alex Doig

7th Grade Cardinal, Science, STE

Brendon Egan

8th Grade Sky, Department Chair, Special Education

Jacob Eisenman

All Grades, Band, Music

Jobie Fagans

7th Grade Maroon, Special Education

Tara Fernandez-Davila

7th Grade Salmon, Department Chair, Science, STE

Reiko Funaki

8th Grade Royal, Mathematics

Team Leader

Benjamin Giso

7th Grade, 7th Grade Salmon, All Teams, Spanish, World Language

Team Leader

Katie Grotenstein

Guidance, Special Education

Hanae Habri

6th Grade, Special Education

Will Hardy

Building Services

Debbie Harmon

8th Grade Navy, Mathematics

Megan Hogan-Stedman

6th Grade Kelly, Mathematics

Team Leader

Sharon Kabelitz

6th Grade Kelly, Science, STE

Meaghan Kacavich

7th Grade, Special Education

Dan Kaminsky

6th Grade Kelly, Special Education

Daniel Keller

6th Grade Kelly, English

Brian Klose

Building Services

Danielle Lagasse

6th Grade, Special Education

Noelle Lalazarian

8th Grade, ACCESS Program, Special Education

Ryan Lambert

8th Grade Sky, Social Studies

Liz LeDuc

6th Grade, Special Education

George Lewis

8th Grade, Special Education

Junie Liu

6th Grade Lime, Science, STE

Lynn Lucier, RN, MSN

7th and 8th Grade, Health Services

Cara Luther

7th and 8th Grade, Special Education

Tom McKnight

7th Grade Cardinal, Special Education

Kellee Messier

8th Grade Royal, Social Studies

Joseph Meyer

7th Grade Maroon, Social Studies

Vanessa Moran

Administration, Sanborn Admin Assistant

Jennifer Moran

Department Chair, Guidance, Special Education

Sharon Moss

8th Grade Sky, Science, STE

Daniel Murphy

8th Grade Navy, Social Studies

Richard Murphy

7th Grade, Special Education

Ted Noke

Building Services, Supervisor

Amanda Nye

8th Grade Royal, Science, STE

Melissa O’Donnell

6th Grade, Special Education

Sarah Oelkers

8th Grade Navy, English

Team Leader

Felicia Pasley

Administration, METCO

James Patterson Ware

6th Grade, Special Education

Kathy Peebles

8th Grade, Special Education

Barbara Peskin

6th Grade, Digital Literacy, STE

Wendy Pfaffenbach

6th Grade Kelly, Social Studies

Dyan Pollock

6th Grade, Special Education

Sara Porth

7th and 8th Grade, Library, Makerspace, STE

Jared Powell

6th Grade Forest, Science, STE

Susan Ravalese

8th Grade, Mathematics

Erika Reale

7th Grade Salmon, 8th Grade Royal, ACCESS Program, Special Education

Laura Regis

7th Grade Cardinal, English

Brian Revell

6th Grade Lime, Social Studies

Team Leader

Dan Rivenburgh

All Grades, Chorus, Department Chair, Music

Robbie Robbins

6th Grade Forest, Department Chair, Social Studies

Elizabeth Rose, M.Ed.

Educational Technology Specialist, Technology

Paula Rushboldt

Permanent Building Substitute (Sanborn)

Katie Rye

6th Grade Kelly, 6th Grade Lime, French, World Language

Rose Salucci

6th Grade, Special Education

Courtney Sawicki

8th Grade Navy, 8th Grade Royal, Department Chair, French, World Language

Theresa Scalzi

7th Grade Cardinal, Mathematics

Team Leader

Hiral Shah

7th Grade Maroon, Science, STE

Brian Sheppard

6th Grade Lime, English

Maria Sira

6th Grade Forest, 6th Grade Kelly, 6th Grade Lime, Spanish, World Language

Anna Spitulnik

8th Grade Navy, Science, STE

Tyler Steffey

Administration, Sanborn Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Stockwood

All Grades, Library, Makerspace, STE

Hannah Stoudemire

7th and 8th Grade, Special Education

Kristina Sychtysz

6th Grade, School Psychologist

Sharon Taft

All Grades, Health, Physical Education

Monica Tsubaki

All Grades, ELL

Karin Valencia-Bedard

8th Grade Navy, 8th Grade Royal, 8th Grade Sky, Spanish, World Language

Hannah Vincent

7th Grade, Special Education

Valerie Young

Administration, Sanborn Admin Assistant