Welcome to the Social Studies Department


The social studies department has revised our curriculum and we have created new units of study in 6th and 8th grades. The Atlas Curriculum Maps do not yet reflect the changes we have made to Grades 6 & 8.

First, a little background: Last year, a K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Committee met to map the units of study across our district.  By reviewing the sequence and correlating them with the MA Social Studies Frameworks,  it was determined that revisions to our current curriculum maps was necessary.  Social Studies teachers from CMS attended the National Council for Social Studies conference in Washington, DC last year to examine new curricula and brought back their recommendations to the department. We then undertook a thorough review of multiple possibilities and selected the textbook program to pilot this year. The winner is...National Geographic!

National Geographic combines authentic National Geographic exploration and media into a standards-based program creating a shared experience for all students.

Our teachers have been working hard this summer to revise curriculum and they are all eager to see how the students respond to new approaches to experiencing social studies in grades 6 & 8. Please ask your children what they think about it and feel free to give us your feedback as the year progresses.



Kara Tranghese

7th Grade Maroon, Social Studies

Sue Cotter

6th Grade Kelly, Social Studies, Team Leader

Seeta Durvasula

8th Grade Navy, Social Studies

Jennifer Gennaco

7th Grade Cardinal, Social Studies

Daniel Murphy

8th Grade Sky, Social Studies

Brian Revell

6th Grade Lime, Social Studies

Robbie Robbins

7th Grade Cardinal, 7th Grade Maroon, 8th Grade Navy, 8th Grade Sky, Department Chair, Social Studies

Joseph Meyer

6th Grade Forest, Social Studies

David Rainey

7th Grade Cardinal, Long Term Sub, Social Studies