Concord Middle School Health Office Philosophy

Effective management of health care needs requires a partnership among the student, the parents/guardians, the primary care provider and the adults who work with the students at school. The school nurse works closely with all disciplines to coordinate the resources of school, home and community as they pertain to the total health of individual students .

The school health nurse has the responsibility to provide emergency care, health maintenance and health guidance for the students and staff.

The schools responsibility for the administration of emergency care is primarily limited to first aid, First aid is defined as the immediate and temporary care given in order to prevent further injury until medical care may be secured. All medical treatment is considered outside the province of school responsibility. Transportation, except in emergencies is the responsibility of the parent/guardians. If you are unavailable by phone during the day it is essential that the school have current emergency numbers. Transportation for a sick child must be available.

Contact Information

Peabody Absence Line:
978-318-1360 option 2
Peabody Nurse: 
978-318-1360 option 3
Sanborn Absence Line:
978-318-1380 option 2
Sanborn Nurse: 
978-318-1380 option 3

Lynn Lucier, RN, MSN

7th and 8th Grade, Health Services