Friday, September 23 – E DAY

Peer Mentors: We are looking for Sixth Graders to join our Peer Mentor program! This is a fun opportunity for 6th graders to meet once a week with older students during homeroom for games, conversation and fun.  Come to the Library to sign up and ask any questions.

This is your last chance to audition for the CMS Honors Choir!!! Auditions have begun and will continue throughout the month. Friday, September 30th is the last day to audition. To sign up for an audition please visit Mr. Rivenburgh’s website:

The Art Club final roster is now posted. Meetings will begin this Monday, September 26, and will meet in Art Room 126 at Sanborn every Monday until 3:40 for six consecutive weeks.

Lego Robotics:  Meets TODAY from 2:30 – 4:30 at Sanborn in room 108.  If you have any questions contact Ms. Moss at

Math Counts is starting today at Sanborn in room 101 from 2:30 to 3:40.  Students who enjoy mathematics prepare for and participate in a regional math tournament solving problems as a team and as individuals. Success can lead to state and national tournaments.  Advisor: Aram Boornazian

TODAY we will begin implementing 15 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading at the start of each Directed Study. Sustained Silent Reading provides time to read that is structured within the school day. Research indicates that children who read independently are more likely to perform better in all academic areas. Teachers will make exceptions for students on a case by case basis as issues arise.

The CMS Drama Department is proud to announce that the Fall Play will be “The Lorax”. Auditions will occur TODAY after school until 3:40 at Sanborn.  Sign up for only one day.   Auditions are open to all students.    Sign up sheets are posted in each building. Students will not need to prepare anything before auditions.   Please see Mr. Shancady for more details.

The CMS Student Leaders are announcing their first event of the year: the Logo Contest! You will design a logo that you think represents CMS, and the winner will get to see their logo displayed on t-shirts and other items available for purchase. Also, the winner of the contest will receive a free t-shirt featuring their winning logo. Submissions should be fairly simple, as simple designs are easier to reproduce, and should include your name, grade level, and building on the back. There will be a box in the library to submit your design. Entries will be closed on September 26th. Time to get drawing!

Intramural Field Hockey meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 at Sanborn.  Please bring goggles, mouthguards and shin guards to practice.

CONCORD CASTAWAYS – WEEK 3!  Tribe Card and Point totals for weeks 1 and 2 are posted on the CC libguide and in the library.  Week 3 tasks/challenge are underway – be sure to get a card from the teacher you submit a task to. Have Fun!

Animals and Planet Club next meeting is Wednesday, 9/28 from 2:30-3:40 in the Sanborn Main Lab (then every other Wednesday). The Animals and Planet club is part of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots organization. We create and plan projects that make positive changes happen for animals, the environment and our communities.  Come with your ideas for this year!  Last year we planned the Silent Auction and Photo Contest to help the fisher and migratory birds at Drumlin Farm’s Wildlife Sanctuary (check out In past year’s we have also helped NEADS, Buddy Dog and Nevin’s Farm. Contact Ms. Peskin or any member of Animals and Planet with questions. Plan to take the 3:40 late bus or have a parent pick you up at 3:40.