Seventh grade students whose original assessment average is 75% or greater will be recommended for 8th grade Algebra 1. If a student’s original assessment average is less than 75%, the recommendation will be for 8th grade Basic Algebra. 

Please note that assessment averages used for eighth grade math class recommendations are not those you see on the report card.  The grade you see on the report card is after any corrections a student may have made to an assessment, and is weighted 85% for assessments and 15% for homework.  Eighth grade math class recommendations are based on original assessment scores prior to adjustment for homework averages, and prior to corrections or retake scores.  These original grades can be seen on Aspen under Assignment Feedback.

The parent of a student recommended for Basic Algebra may still choose an Algebra 1 placement. If this choice is made, the student must maintain an eighth grade Algebra 1 assessment average of 70 or higher (based on original assessment scores).  If this average is not maintained, the student may be moved to the Basic Algebra class any time after the end of the first term. 

A student in eighth grade Basic Algebra may move to the Algebra 1 class, within the first three units, if they score three consecutive 95’s on assessments (not including the first one of the year) or have a 95 assessment average at the end of Term 1. 

Students may not switch from Basic Algebra to Algebra 1 after the third unit as the curriculum will diverge significantly at that point.

This process takes place in the spring.