Private School and Minuteman High School Application Guidelines

Please follow the steps below when applying to private schools or Minuteman High School. We require that you complete all applications online unless an online option does not exist.

Contact EACH teacher and guidance counselor from whom you need a recommendation, request a recommendation, and advise them of the process particular to your school. CMS staff will not complete paper recommendation forms unless it is the only option. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the online application process for your school (Ravenna, SAO, Gateway, etc), as they vary. Most online applications require teacher/guidance counselor email addresses, and then directly contact the teachers for the recommendations.

Most systems allow you to monitor the status of submitted recommendation forms as part of your online application. The CMS Guidance Department will not keep track of your application status, forms, or any other part of the process.

Private Schools

Submit a signed, written release of records form for all schools to which you are applying to Valerie Young, Administrative Assistant, Sanborn Building.

  • A copy of the release form can be found on the following page, online at, or is often included with the private school’s application materials. These can be handed into the guidance office or mailed to CMS, Sanborn Building, 835 Old Marlboro Rd., Concord, MA 01742
  • List Valerie Young’s email address ( for any online transcript requests.

Minuteman High School

An account must be set up on their website ( before starting an application.  Once the application is complete, CMS guidance counselors will be directly contacted for transcripts and recommendations.  Interviews begin in late November/early December.

We encourage you to complete these steps as early as possible in December. Even if you are not sure of all the schools to which your child may apply, requesting recommendations and submitting the signed release form will start the process. Please do so according to the application schedule:

  • By December 1 for a January 1 deadline
  • By December 15 for a January 15 deadline *most common
  • By January 2 for a February 3 deadline

Thank you in advance for respecting the time and consideration it takes for teachers to reflect upon your child and write a thoughtful recommendation by giving them appropriate lead time. Please contact Valerie Young, Administrative Assistant, with any questions. 978-318-1380 x6304.