7th Grade English

Welcome to the English Department Seventh Grade Page

English Language Arts is divided into three categories – Literature, Composition, and Language Study.


As students extend and refine their ability to read literature and interpret its layers of meaning they: Analyze character and character motivation; conflict and plot development; theme development; symbolism; motif; parallelism; and the importance of historical/cultural context in literature. To achieve these outcomes, 7th graders study a variety of titles throughout the year. The core titles include:

  • A Long Walk to Water
  • Home of the Brave
  • Tangerine
  • Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Further, each trimester students must engage in independent reading, referred to as “Required Outside Reading.”


Seventh graders continue to extend and refine their writing skills across the four genres of writing by keeping a portfolio of their work. . Some assignments are initiated and completed within the classroom setting. Longer assignments require significant time outside of the classroom and require individual planning, organization, and effort.