Dear 8th Grade Students and Parents,

The plans for our Washington trip are well underway! This year, we will be using EF Explore America of Cambridge, MA as our tour agent. The trip will take place on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 to Friday, June 9, 2017. The cost will be $756.00 plus an initial deposit of $99.00, for an all-inclusive total of $855.00 per student.   You should have already received a letter on EF Explore America stationery from Mr. Stern (Sanborn 8th grade Math teacher), once again this year’s program leader. The letter showed the expenses of the trip, included a sample itinerary, and explained how to register for this opportunity, if you have not already done so.   Parents will be able to make optional installment payments for this trip. Please note that we will be taking coach busses to Washington for our trip.

Below you will find the following items:

  1. Washington Trip Calendar of Events
  2. Fund Raising Opportunities
  3. Scholarship Information
  4. Washington Trip Strike Policy Letter
  5. Washington Trip Dismissal Letter
  6. Washington Trip 2017 Information Form

Please be sure first that the $99 deposit has been paid to

EF Explore America   Two Education Circle     Cambridge, MA 02141
This trip is available to all CMS students in the 8th grade who exhibit appropriate behavior and good citizenship throughout the school year. In the case of problem behaviors, the principal has the right to exclude a student from the trip. An alternative educational experience will be provided at the school during this time for any student not attending the trip.