Welcome to Science!

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No matter your grade level, this year is designed to open your eyes to the wonders of science that surround you and its relevance to your life and our global community!

In all grades students will be exploring how humans interact with their surroundings; the challenges of those interactions and the engineering innovations that could lead us to better harmony with our environment. Along the way they'll be learning to actively read scientific texts, conduct experiments, collect data, and use relevant evidence to develop and support their scientific claims.

6th Grade Science students will focus their studies on the geologic wonders of the Earth, the biology of its many inhabitants, and the laws of physics that shape Earth's surface and allow us to see and hear the world around us.

7th Grade Science Students will turn their attention and observational skills to the study of forces and energy; learning how they are connected and how humans use force to generate energy. They will then shift their focus to the cycles of water and energy on Earth that drive our weather, the ecosystems defined by climate and resources, and the populations that dwell within them.

8th Grade Science students will study the underlying laws of physics and chemistry that explain the structure and function of the world around them.  



 Mrs. Carrie Bjerke

Concord Middle School
Sanborn Building, Room 110
835 Old Marlboro Road
Concord, MA  01742

(978) 318-1380

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