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In 6th Grade Science, we begin to explore what it means to approach something scientifically. After an introductory unit, meant to give students some familiarity with common scientific processes and vocabulary, we proceed to study the geologic wonders of the Earth, the biology and diversity of its many inhabitants, and the laws of physics that allow us to see and hear the world around us. We focus on how humans interact with their surroundings; the challenges of those interactions, and the engineering innovations that can lead us to better harmony with our environment. Along the way students learn to read scientific texts, conduct experiments, collect data, and use relevant evidence to develop and support their scientific claims.


 Mrs. Carrie Bjerke

Concord Middle School
Peabody Building, Room 206
1231 Old Marlboro Road
Concord, MA  01742

(978) 318-1360

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