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In 7th Grade Science, we will turn our attention and observational skills to the study of forces and energy; learning how they are connected and how humans use force to generate energy. We will then shift our focus to the cycles of water and energy on Earth that drive our weather, the ecosystems defined by climate and resources, and the populations that dwell within them.

In 8th Grade Science, we will begin by learning about chemistry, the make-up and properties of substances and chemical reactions between them. We will then take a look at Earth's place in the cosmos while learning about planetary science. Lastly we'll delve into what makes you YOU, by exploring heredity and adaptation and the interactions of human body systems.



 Mrs. Carrie Bjerke

Concord Middle School
Sanborn Building, Room 110
835 Old Marlboro Road
Concord, MA  01742

(978) 318-1380

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