Tuesday, June 12 – B DAY

Attention Sanborn 7th graders: Please return permission slips to Kimball’s ASAP.

8th Grade Honors Choir Members: If you are performing “For Good” at the end of year awards there is a practice this Wednesday from 2:30-3:40 in the Sanborn Chorus Room.

Animals and Planet Club last meeting this year will be June 13th, 2:30-3:40 Sanborn Main Lab. We will celebrate the year!

LGBTQ/Allies meets again on Wednesday, June 13 in room 201 at Sanborn from 2:30-3:40.

There will be a Costume Party after school this Wednesday at Sanborn until 4:30.  Come help sort the musical costumes!   Anyone who has been in the musical or might be interested next year is encouraged to join.   Snacks will be provided.